Apr 2, 2013


Went for a jog in the forest. Garnered some thoughts. So lets pen it down!  

1. Discovered that it is rather hard to pray out loud when you are running at the same time. Perhaps that’s a way to build faith. You speak and point at the trees and other joggers will think this guy is insane, you look up to the sky imagine it’s heaven, treat the sweat as little price paid for God, and you shout Amen and stomp the ground – you release and give it a bang. Perhaps next time should try to pray underwater, amen and drown in the everlasting love, and see heaven, for someone who can’t swim like me (just saying). Anyway, if it’s already hard to pray when we run, then how hard could it be for Jesus to say “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”, with nails through his hands and legs. I can’t imagine.

2. I believe you can never draw a fine line between rich and poor. It doesn’t have an absolute definition, or categorization. Why I say so? Because I thought about the natives. They live in the jungle for ages. They rule the place. To them, they are the King of the Jungle. They have everything. They are rich – they have rivers, mountains, all the floras and faunas, clear sky with hanging stars, cicadas and chirping of birds, everything. But well, that is what they see and perceive! Yet you can’t deny them. But when they get to the town, they see cars, they see houses, buildings, oh well… all these are like new discovery. Then they are told, hey, you need money for this, for that. And there you go, the so called more “civilized” people teaching the natives about wealth. And they scratch their heads and wondered – What Is This? You get me. Who draw the fine line? The world. The world. On the other hand, while some get away with easier life and have much more, I believe God is always just, always fair and he doesn’t show favoritism. What we might not realize and factor in, are all the so called – “blessings in disguise”. Think broad, count them one by one. Above all, I believe contentment is the key to life.

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